Welcome to Mustang and Wild Horse Rescue of Georgia


Welcome to the Mustang and Wild Horse Rescue of Georgia. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing a program for wild horses captured by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) wild horse roundups. We are located in Georgia in the Canton area. MWHR is committed to providing a safe haven for previously owned mustangs and wild horses that are no longer wanted by their adopters or those who have been abandoned, abused or neglected by their owners. MWHR gentles and rehabilitates the horses they rescue to so they can be successfully re-adopted by new owners. MWHR’s goal is to obtain land in the near future to provide a sanctuary for unadoptable mustangs. It is also devoted to raising public awareness of the plight of wild horses and burros and why saving these Living Legends is critical to our nation. MWHR hopes to inspire others to become involved in their worthy cause. MWHR is run entirely by volunteers; donations and interest are always welcome and greatly appreciated. For more information about MWHR and for our mission statement see our “About MWHR” page.

MWHR Events

Feel free to drop by and say hi at any of our upcoming events posted on the MWHR calendar!

The Tack Thing @ Wills Park

Got used tack you want to sell? Or have a horse related product or service you want to promote? Then come join us on July 23rd at Wills Park Equestrian Center during the Ticket to Ride Horse Show at The Tack Thing Event from 9AM-4PM. Booth spaces (10’x10′) are only $20.00 and proceeds go to the Mustang & Wild Horse Rescue of GA

Tack Thing Flyer (2016).png

Car Wash!

**Bring Your Dirty Cars & Help Save the Mustangs**

We will be holding a car wash to raise funds on May 21! All proceeds/donations from washing cars will go directly to caring for the mustangs, wild horses and burros rescued by MWHR. We will be in the Wendy’s parking lot located at 2961 Shallowford Road in Marietta, GA from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Additional details can be found here.

Event Location: 2961 Shallowford Road Marietta, GA 30066

Yard Sale this weekend!

MWHR will be having a yard sale fundraiser on Saturday, April 30th from 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM! In addition to typical yard sale items, we will have a large selection of used tack for sale. Also, Buck (one of our adopted mustang geldings) and his owner, Bella, will be at the event for a “meet and greet”! All of the proceeds from the sale of items will go directly to MWHR. Please tell your friends and family about the event!

If you’ve done spring cleaning recently and have any items to donate we need items donated to sell at the yard sale. Contact Elizabeth at mustangrescuega@gmail.com if you have items to donate and we’ll coordinate pickup prior to the event!

Additional event details can be found here.

Yard Sale Location: 616 Mountain Road, Woodstock, GA 30188


MWHR Branded T-Shirts

Please help support MWHR’s efforts in rescuing and rehabilitating mustangs by purchasing this cool t-shirt. Thank you to Michele Creates for helping us with the artwork!

The t-shirt design is the alpha angle code used for freeze mark interpretation on mustangs. Their freeze mark or “brand” is used to identify each horse uniquely and provide their date of birth.


Meet Mercy!

MWHR is currently housing Mercy, a 6-year-old mustang mare. She is available for adoption or foster through the Mustang Rescue Network. She does not appear to have had any natural horsemanship training in the past, and we do not believe she has been ridden. The good news there is that she doesn’t have bad habits that need to be fixed!

Additional Information about Mercy can be found on the Mustang Rescue Network’s website as well as their Facebook page.

MWHR Pasture Reno & Fence Project

MWHR is running a GoFundMe campaign to fund the cost of improving our Batesville barn location. The farm where our horses reside has about 7 acres of pasture and needs re-seeding. By re-seeding our pastures now we can ensure that the horses will have grass to eat through the fall, which will help reduce our operating costs by eliminating the need to feed hay. Our horses enjoy 24/7 turnout at all times.

In addition to re-seeding the pastures, we are planning to install a new gate/entrance off of the main road to enable easier and safer access for a truck and trailer. The current entrance is shared with the homeowner and is very difficult and at times dangerous to navigate due to a blind hill on the busy road.

Re-seeding will require approx. $640 in seed (10 bags of KY Fescue at $64.00 per 50 lb bag)
Gate/Fence project will require approx. $360 in lumber and $200 for rock/gravel.

GoFundMe Link – Every little bit helps! Thank you!