Welcome to Mustang and Wild Horse Rescue of Georgia


Welcome to the Mustang and Wild Horse Rescue of Georgia. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing a program for wild horses captured by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) wild horse roundups. We are located in Georgia in the Canton area. MWHR is committed to providing a safe haven for previously owned mustangs and wild horses that are no longer wanted by their adopters or those who have been abandoned, abused or neglected by their owners. MWHR gentles and rehabilitates the horses they rescue to so they can be successfully re-adopted by new owners. MWHR’s goal is to obtain land in the near future to provide a sanctuary for unadoptable mustangs. It is also devoted to raising public awareness of the plight of wild horses and burros and why saving these Living Legends is critical to our nation. MWHR hopes to inspire others to become involved in their worthy cause. MWHR is run entirely by volunteers; donations and interest are always welcome and greatly appreciated. For more information about MWHR and for our mission statement see our “About MWHR” page.

MWHR Events

Feel free to drop by and say hi at any of our upcoming events posted on the MWHR calendar!

Adoption – Maya

Maya is a 6 year old cremello mare from the Fox Hog HMA in CA. She was captured as a yearling and then found her way to the East Coast thru the BLM adoption program. Last October she was identified as being at risk due to unknown circumstances that landed her in the hands of a horse dealer that was due to ship her to a kill pen. Thankfully some “rescue angels” intercepted her and asked if MWHR could assist with taking her in and finding her a loving home. We are happy to report that this Saturday, Maya will be headed to a wonderful home in Vidalia, GA with an experienced mustang trainer. She’ll get to be reunited with lots of other mustangs on the new farm. This very sweet and special girl will be greatly missed at MWHR but we can’t wait to see all of the amazing things that she goes on to do with her new adopter.

Barn Cleanup!

It was a very busy Saturday at the MWHR farm this past weekend. In addition to our new mustang intake, we had a wonderful group of young ladies from the Pope High School Homeless Pets Club out to help work around the farm. They did an amazing job of mending fences, scrubbing water troughs, cleaning up the pastures and grooming horses. MWHR greatly appreciates all their hard work!

New Rescue – Midnight

MWHR welcomed Midnight to the farm this past Saturday. Midnight is an 18 year old mustang gelding from Salt Wells Creek in WY. Due to financial and health reasons, his owners could no longer afford to keep him. They have had Midnight for 11 years so it was a very difficult decision but we are glad they reached out to us for help. Midnight will be getting a health check by our vet this week and then will spend some time getting a little training “refresher” before he is available for adoption. We understand from his owners that he was a wonderful trail horse.

Adoption Update – Spirit

Spirit is an 18 year old black mustang gelding that was captured as a yearling in the Onaqui Mountain HMA in UT in 2000. He lived with his original owner until last year when he was turned over to MWHR because his owner could not care for him after he was injured in a trailering incident. Spirit was adopted by a wonderful couple at the end of 2015. We had an opportunity to check in on Spirit last week and he is enjoying life in a small herd on 30 acres in Dallas, GA where he gets along well with the other horses. Spirit looks like a cuddly teddy-bear in his winter coat, and he has the personality to match. He is healthy and happy and we are so pleased and grateful that Spirit has found such a loving family to care for him.

Adoption Update – Barney

We got to check in on one of our BLM burros a few weeks ago at his forever home in Woodstock, GA. Barney is enjoying life on the farm with Michelle Allred. He spends his days and nights out in the pasture with several other horses and ponies. He is still a little shy but enjoys getting lots of treats from the kids that come to ride at the barn. We are so grateful that Barney has found such a wonderful loving home.

Adoption Update – Sweetie Pie

Sweetie Pie is a 19 year old brown and white paint mustang mare that was captured as a yearling in Salt Wells Creek, WY. She came to MWHR several years ago with another mustang, Spark Plug. Sweetie and Sparky were trained by MWHR founder, David Hesse, and severed as our ambassadors for many years. We are happy to say that Sweetie Pie has finally been adopted into her forever home by Karen McClure and now lives with former MWHR burro, Poncho, along with another horse and pony on a beautiful farm in Milton, GA. We are sad to see Sweetie Pie go but so happy for her to have found such a wonderful family.

Volunteer Training Session

On November 27th our MWHR Volunteers participated in a training session to learn more about proper handling of the horses, hoof care, groundwork basics and loading/unloading on the trailer. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the training session and we look forward to doing another more in-depth one in the near future. Huge thank you to Kelly and Lee Bates of Cooper Sandy Farm for letting us use their facility and some of their horses and to Nick Thompson the farrier for making a special appearance. We’d like to give an extra special thank you to Lee Bates for spending the entire afternoon working with our volunteers.